Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trying CPAP? 10 tips for CPAP success

I have added 10 steps to help you with your CPAP success...

1. Don't push the love. Just as in dating someone most likely you don't fall in love on the first date. Take time to let yourself get to know your CPAP. In addition to wearing it for sleeping also wear it for short periods of time during the day i.e. while watching TV. or reading.

2. When turning the CPAP on don't start at your set pressure, use the ramp setting so the air will slowly increase to your set pressure.

3. Don't skip nights. Use your CPAP EVERY night and with EVERY nap. You're only prolonging the time it will take for you to feel comfortable. The more you wear it ---the faster you will "bond".

4. The most updated CPAP models are very quiet, but if yours makes too much noise place it under your bed.

5. Make sure you have a heated humidifier with your CPAP. This makes a huge difference in the comfort.

6. Keep lines of communication open with your supplier. It's imporant that if you're struggling at all to ask for different facial apparatuses. You should try nasal pillows and different masks until you are happy. If your supplier is no being cooperative then you might want to consider changing companies.

7. Have a respiratory technician work with you on adjustments with tubing and headgear.

8. Make sure you are changing your filters on the humidifier and CPAP.

9. Keep your headgear,tubing and mask clean (clean once a week)

10. Focus on how you are feeling during the day. In the beginning there will probably be small improvements with your tiredness. As you use the CPAP more and more, the fatigue you felt during the day will be replaced with a new energy and awareness on how life is really meant to be.

Take it slow... expect great things but don't expect them overnight.

Bonus #11. Remember, good friendships take time to grow.