Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sleep Disorders - What is Sexsomnia?

Sleep is a precious necessity and that is why in the pre-industrial era people used to sleep for twelve hours. It was abnormal to work at night but with increased industrialization we have seen 24 hour operation in our places of work. People are more busy than ever with deadlines to beat, targets to hit and great expectations from the society.

There is never enough time to do things and that is why sleep is always compromised. It is an achievement to sleep after doing everything else you had planned to but how healthy is missing on your sleep? A sleep-deprived person is less effective at work, relationships, and also in sex. This might lead to a sleep disorder known as sexsomnia. It is a condition where people have sex when they are sleeping. Sleep sex can be a real pain to a partner. Who wants somebody who sleeps on the job? Not me and not any other person.

A study was carried out at the university of Minnesota regarding inappropriate sleep sexual behavior. The victim might make surprise sexual advances towards a person they are sharing a bed with even though he/she is not a sexual partner. It can be quiet embarrassing especially if these are respected persons. Sexsomnia are known to be very aggressive in sex even though they are usually in a state between deep sleep and consciousness.

They remain in a sleep twilight zone all through the sex process. In some cases the victims even snore and misbehave in other unflattering ways. Some partners are understanding enough and can bear with the post-coital state while others dislike people who sleep on the job.

Sleep and sex experts refer to the case as a result of a certain sexual disorder. The victims are aroused even in their deep sleep. Though partially conscious, they perform well sexually but their judgement on what to do is impaired and they are capable of interacting normally with their sexual partner. This can result into mild rape cases as the sexsomiacs overpower their partners and force them into the act of sex.

It more or less appears like a dream and they might talk about their partners loudly. It is unfortunate if they are they cheat on their partners because they might give themselves away by murmuring another person's name. Sexsomnia can cause relationship problems in such a case. It might be a mere obsession with another person but the spouse might not understand.

Sexsomnia is a sleep disorder which can be treated with time. It does not mean that sexsomniacs are perverted. They are people who would not wish to do so in their consciousness. Sleep centers are good at identifying your specific problem and assisting you to deal with it. It is interesting that some people find the whole idea of sleep sex very exciting.

They love the occasional sleep-inspired romance. Night time sexual activities might affect your relationships but it all depends on who you are dealing with. People are different and they react differently to different circumstances.