Monday, September 29, 2008

Method to Treat Sleeping Disorders for Back Pain Sufferers

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, it is quite obvious that you find problems in having a good nights sleep or suffer from sleeping disorders. However, you can prevent these sleeping disorders by choosing your bed wisely.

People with chronic back pain should choose a bed which can offer them a good support and also that they are able to sleep in a position which lets their body rest in the neutral position. Choose a bed that is firm and does not droop; however make sure that it is soft enough so that the heavier parts of your body sink in a bit and thus supporting your lower back. Whenever you are buying a new mattress, get mattress with a firm or medium-firm pattern, some mattresses may be too firm to offer you comfort, too firm mattresses often do not let your shoulders and hips to sink down; in this way your back gets more strained.

If you have chronic back pain and sleeping problems occur; then it is recommended that you better try sleeping on blankets or just a firm foam pad on the floor instead of using your too soft bed. Also, you can use a bed board between the mattress and box springs of the bed. Make sure that the length of the board must be sufficient to support you from the shoulders to knees. Though bed board is not the best solution to correct a badly drooping mattress but it will help a great deal. Box springs are not required in the beds like captain's bed and platform beds. Also, using bed board is not beneficial in these kinds of beds. It is due to the fact that the mattress on these beds is already firm. You can have adequate back support in waterbeds and the airbeds if filled properly.

To prevent sleeping disorders when suffering from chronic back pain it is necessary to have proper resting and sleeping positions. In this way also, you can prevent increased pain in your back.

You must watch your sleeping patterns and see in which way you find your body at most comfort. However, it is quite possible that you have maximum rest when you lie on your back or on the side instead of lying on the stomach. If you are lying on the bed, it is better that you use a small pillow under your lower back to get maximum comfort. Additionally, putting some pillows under your knees can also help. Sleeping on your stomach is uncomfortable and you might feel more sleeping disorders as you already suffer from back pain. It is due to the fact that your back remains tight and inflexible in that posture. However, if you still want to; then better put one or two pillows under the stomach to have comfort.

In upshot, if you suffer from chronic back pain, it becomes important that you follow proper sleeping positions so that you are able to prevent sleeping disorders and have sound sleep.

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