Sunday, September 2, 2007

Keeping Your Feet Warm To Get Better Sleep

We all look forward to that perfect good night's rest that we so crave for. A time where we get relax and unwind from our busy schedules during the day that leaves us with little time to give ourselves a break.

for many people are equated with not only physical rest but also a mental recoup for many. By the process of dreams we eliminate a lot of the unwanted accumulated stuff that we absorb during the day. Since sleep is associated with mental rest too, any worries, anxieties or worries that we have act as an opposing factor to us getting a good night's sleep.

Other sleep disorders such as insomnia also act against the natural process of sleep. There are various factors that contribute to overcome the usual problems and help you get a good night's sleep. One such very factor that is often neglected, a factor that can contribute to a good nights sleep is that of wearing socks on your feet when you go to sleep.

Why keep our feet warm

There are a number of nerves in the soul of your feet. These nerves are directly connected to your central nervous system. When we fall off to sleep our central nervous system also goes into a state of relaxation. Our brains and central nervous system, which are at a constant, state of alertness and are in sync during the day.

Thus it is essential for the nervous system to relax when you sleep. It is a proven fact that cold impairs the central nervous system to a certain degree. The extent to which it is impaired depends on the severity of the cold.

When we cover up our feet we are covering up our nerve endings, which would otherwise be exposed to the cold. Thus we directly prevent the cold environment around us from having any bearing on the central nervous system. Thus are nervous system is permitted to unwind with the right level of comfort.

Wearing of socks while you go to sleep is recommended especially if you inhabit a cold climate.