Saturday, May 19, 2007

Several Ways To Stop Snoring Have Proved Very Successful

The best way to stop snoring will depend greatly on the frequency of the snoring. Occasional snoring related to cold, allergies, or another illness can be treated easily by treating the primary cause of the snoring (the sickness) plus adding nasal strips to help open airways while sleeping. Some of the nasal strips are even available mentholated which many people find soothing when they are ill.

For chronic snorers, the solution will usually require medication, surgery or a lifestyle change. Medication will often mean pharmaceutical products such as throat sprays, special head positioning pillows, or mouth guards for ways to stop snoring.

Life Style Changes

There are many habits people have that can actually contribute to their snoring. Smoking, drinking large amounts of alcohol, and being overweight all could cause snoring. Therefore quitting smoking, drinking in moderation and losing weight through diet and exercise are great ways to stop snoring.

Alcohol and Nicotine

Alcohol tends to relax all the muscles in the body, including all the soft tissues of the mouth and throat. For this reason limiting the amount of alcohol one consumes will prevent this over relaxation and could be a way to stop snoring.

Smoking is terrible for every part of the respiratory system, it isn't surprising it would make snoring worse or even be the source of loud snoring. Quitting smoking is a huge benefit to a person's over all health and may consequently be a way to quit snoring.


People who are over weight, especially around their neck, have an increased risk of harmful sleep apnea. Losing weight has various health benefits including being a way to quit snoring. Also regular diet and exercise can help a person sleep more soundly which also leads to less snoring.


Keeping a regular sleep schedule is important for people who want a way to quit snoring. Waking and going to sleep at the same time every day can stop snoring and help people feel more refreshed after each sleep.

Napping during the day can cause people to sleep less soundly at night as well. This waking during the night can contribute to the snoring problem. Omitting naps from a person's daily schedule is another way to quit snoring.

Sleep Position

For many people sleeping on their side prevents them from snoring, hence the reason many wives may elbow their husbands throughout the night. Something as simple as sewing tennis balls into the back of a person's pajamas is a way to quit snoring, as that person' wouldn't be able to comfortably rest on their back!

What ever the cause of each person's snoring, finding a way to quit snoring is possible. If the snoring doesn't subside with the use of these tips it may be necessary for the person to see a doctor to be tested for a more serious condition called sleep apnea.