Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sleep Apnea Is A Scary Condition And Needs Treating Seriously!

Those of you reading this have probably come here because you have some sleeping disorder of some kind. This short piece is about sleep apnea which is a common breathing condition that can range from mild to moderate to severe. Adult sleep apnea is common around the world and the name comes from the Greek word, apnea, meaning "want of breathe.

But just what causes it and what can we do to tackle the problem? Sleep apnea sufferers are those folks that consistently experience interrupted breathing whilst sleeping. Sometimes the sufferer wakes up gulping or gasping for air. One of the common symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring, but that doesn't mean to say that all those that snore have the condition.

What happens with the sufferer is the that the snore itself actually stops the breathing while they are asleep, and this can last for up to 10 seconds 5 or more times an hour. Over time, if gone untreated, this can lead to many more serious health conditions due to there being low oxygen levels in the body as a result of this breathing disruption.

For those who are suffering with sleep apnea and have sought help from your local GP, you have most likely been told to lose some weight, or if weight is not an issue it may have been suggested that you attempt to sleep on your side, and to sleep at an elevation. All of the above can and do help in many cases, but not all suggestions work for all patients and the conditions is assessed on a case by case basis.

Quite often beds and bedding can play a major role in assisting sleep apnea patients. Adjustable beds can be one of recommendations so too can various support pillows and other bedding items. Basically, the way and the position in which the sufferer sleeps can be the cause of their problems and this is why beds and bedding can help to lesson or cure the problem. Unfortunately, Sleep apnea is quite a common condition. In fact it's believed to affect as many adults as diabetes.

Every person who suffers with sleep apnea is going to find relief using different methods, with surgery being a last resort. But no one should just suffer alone and in silence. If your sleep is constantly being disrupted through sleep apnea then you should seek help without further ado. Sleep apnea can be a dangerous condition which can ultimately lead to death in some extreme cases.