Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Diagnosing sleep apnea symptom

Diagnosing sleep apnea

If you are not sure if you have a breathing problem when you are sleeping, you have a few alternatives to find out just what is going on. Breathing problems are most noticeable because you actually stop breathing, for a few seconds, or for up to thirty seconds at a time if you have sleep apnea symptom.

As you stop breathing, and you are sleeping, your body is put under additional stress. Your heart can be put under stress, it will slow in beating, and the oxygen levels in your body will decrease at the same time. Oxygen levels need to remain constant to reduce stress on your body and your cardiovascular system.

If you are sleeping in a home alone, it can be hard to for you to ask someone else if you snore when you sleep, or if you are 'stopping' breathing when you are sleeping. If there are children or a spouse in the house, or your parents, or relatives, you can ask them if you snore loudly or if you are making any funny noises when you are sleeping.

Ask your sister or brother to sleep over and tell you if you must, this is an easy way to determine if you are having any sleep apnea symptom while you are sleeping.

If you are continuing to have problems with headaches, dry mouth, and you are tired all the time when you get out of bed in the morning, you might want to see your family doctor to confirm sleep apnea symptom.

Your family doctor will be able to look in your nasal passages and in your throat to see if you have any blockage. If you do, this can be taken care of in several different methods, but you will have the first of your answers.

If you find that you don't have any obvious blockage by your family doctor, you may ask to see a sleep specialist. In seeing a sleep specialist, you are going to most often be required to take a sleep test to find sleep apnea symptom.

In taking a sleep test, you can then learn about what is going on with your body, what you may need to change or do so you can have a good nights rest. For some, surgery will be required. For others, perhaps a breathing machine is going to be the answer.

Every person suffering with sleep apnea symptom is going to find relief in different manners, but you might want to try all the non surgical methods first, to find natural relief, and then if you still have problems resorting to the surgery will give you the final results that will correct your breathing problems.