Thursday, December 28, 2006

Complexities of Sleep Disorder

You will surely start your day good if you had enough sleep. This helps a person to feel refreshed and cope up with everyday activities enthusiastically. However, not all people can get a chance to achieve a restorative sleep needed.

Sleep disorder is one of the difficulties for some people who are having a hard time to sleep at night. Sometimes they still need to take dose of medicine and pills just to relieve this problem. This is really an agony for them.

According to statistics, annually there are about 40 million American people who are undergoing sleep disorder. This is considered to be a big menace in your work and other social activities that you do everyday. It will not only affect you physically but as well as your general well-being.

The National Institute of Health simply defined sleep disorder as any difficulty concerning the sleeping habit of a person. It is characterized with the following signs:

• A person experiences a certain level of obscurity in falling asleep.

• There is no appropriate time for sleeping. Sometimes a person tends to fall asleep during daytime.

• Sometime there is an excessive total sleep time than normal.

• A person with sleeping disorder has abnormal behaviors that are closely associated with sleep.

Most of the physicians and sleep specialists categorize sleep disorder into four classes. Each of the categories differs in signs and effects to the person having the disorder. These are comprised of the following:

• Dyssomnias – this leads to insomnia. It affects factor such as the time and quality of sleep. A person can also experience irregular sleep-wake period.

• Parasomnias- this refers to disorder interfering to the sleep stage transition. This is the common cause of sleep walking and some nocturnal limb cramps. Typically, most of the abnormal events that are occurring during sleeping time are related with this sleep disorder category.

• Medical/psychiatric disorders- Doctors also believed that some of the sleep disorders are due to the medical condition of the person. It can be derived from asthma, peptic ulcer and gastro intestinal problem.

• Proposed Sleep Disorder- this is often referred as distinct disorder because of the complexity of finding sufficient reason for the sleeping problem of an individual. Hallucination and sleep disorder during pregnancy of a woman contribute to this category.

If you think that you are starting to experience some of the signs involving the sleep disorder make sure to consult your physicians immediately for faster relief.