Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Breathing Machines For Sleep Apnea Symptom

Sleep apnea is the restriction of the airway when you are lying down. When you are in bed, ready to get some rest for the night you are tired. As you sleep, you might snore, and with that sleep apnea symptom could be occurring.

Sleep apnea symptom is the restriction of the breathing, by too much flesh, restriction because of your tonsils or adenoids or any number of other conditions. Excessive sleepiness, fatigue and headaches are the common sleep apnea symptom. To aid you in treating your sleep apnea symptom and to keep you breathing while you are sleeping, breathing machines are often times recommended.

One type of therapy is the continuous positive airway pressure. This is a flow of air, to the airway in your body, through the nose or the mouth that is going to provide oxygen to your body.

As the continued pressure on the airway is maintained, the airway is going to remain open while you are sleeping. This is a therapy that is used on thousands of people, and that is getting results without having to have surgery.

If you are not experiencing a total blockage of the nasal or airway passages, the continuous positive airway pressure is one that could work for your situation. Sleep apnea symptom involves your body stopping breathing. Even the short stops that your body overcomes will harm and put additional stress on your heart.

Opening the airways will aid in treatment of your airway blockage so you can breath easier while sleeping. Often times the pressure related airway opening is going to take place with a mask over the mouth, or a tube inserted into the nose, or it could be a combination of the two.

Talking with your family doctor is going to be vital in overcoming and learning more about your personal problems about snoring, sleep apnea symptom and if you are suffering from additional symptoms that are affects of having sleep apnea, such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

What should you do if you think you are suffering from sleep apnea symptom, or breathing problems while you are sleeping? You should take a visit with your family doctor, have your tonsils checked, and have your adenoids checked in case they are enlarged. Ask to see a specialist if you still are concerned about your condition and you feel your doctor does not understand your questions or problems.

Take a sleep study with the specialist and learn more about your own sleeping habits and if you are living with sleep apnea symptom. Learn from the specialist about what your options are, and make your choices from there so you can get the rest you need and the sleep you have always wanted, peacefully!