Thursday, December 28, 2006

Alternative Therapies for Sleep Apnea

Alternative therapies for sleep apnea focus to promote natural ways, to provide relief from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a recurrent condition where during sleep, the breathing stops for a while, and regains normal breathing only after a few seconds. Sleep apnea is considered to be one of the serious sleep disorders since it results in two impacts on the functional system such as oxygen deprivation and sleep deprivation. Sleep apnea is a disease, which requires effective treatment strategy to cure it completely.

Now, many people recommend alternative treatment as an effective treatment strategy for sleep apnea. Alternative treatments adopt behavioral interventions, change in lifestyle and use of herbal remedies as the potential treatment for sleep apnea. It tries to reduce the apnea attacks as well as to impart a good quality of sleep.

Alternative therapies are appreciated for the sleep apnea treatment due to its various advantages over the conventional treatment. Primarily, alternative treatments are well accepted because it avoids the risk of side effects as it includes natural methods. Moreover lifestyle factors are blamed to be the major reason for most of the factors, and a change in the bad habits will not only help you to recover from sleep apnea but also from other lifestyle diseases.

As alternative therapies practice a holistic approach for the treatment, the mind will get strengthened as well as the body and will attribute a total well being. Additionally, alternative therapies are also cheaper, in comparison with the costly medical devices and surgical interventions.

Alternative therapies for sleep apnea are more effective for obstructive sleep apnea. In this case, the obstructions in the air passage such as blockage in the nasal passage, relaxed throat muscles, thick uvula, tonsils, and adenoids are considered to be the reason for the breathing cessation while sleeping. The maintenance of a better sleeping position such as lying on your side is proven to be a very effective solution for it. To retain the position for the whole night, thick sleeping pillows can help. Tennis ball in the coat pocket is also an effective remedy to lower sleep apnea attacks.

Exercise is another important aspect of alternative therapy since over weight is a major factor for muscular obstructions. Exercise will also help to tone the body muscles. Diet is also important in the therapy, in which sleep promoters are included. Avoidance of the ‘sleep stealer’ habits such as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine is also a part of the alterative therapies.

The herbal remedies such as Lachesis, Passion flower, Valerian and Hops include certain neurostimulators that can induce sleep and can help to cure central sleep apnea. Breathing techniques and certain relaxation techniques have also proven to be effective in controlling sleep apnea. Apart from remedies, a regular sleep pattern is also essential to maintain good quality.

However, alternative therapies are effective in treatment of mild sleep apnea, as it can result in only a gradual improvement. Severe sleep apnea attacks essentially require immediate medical assistance.


Paddy said...

A good Sleep keeps the mind and body fresh. The beginning for all the problems in the body is lack of sleep. If a person does not have proper sleep, then throughout the day the person feels sleepy and tired. Sleep apnea is basically a condition that affects most people causing them to stop breathing for around 10-20 seconds as they sleep. The sleep apnea cannot be identified by the same person since it occurs during sleep. So if someone complaints about you for snoring, inform your partner or your family member who sleeps along with you to notice your sleeping condition during sleep. If you had sleep apnea, there are lots of medical procedures and devices to cure sleep apnea in a natural way.